views of different nations on blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Many states in the US like Texas, Arizona, and Ohio have already started rewarding customers for executing smart contracts on public blockchains or for performing work for brilliant contract execution. 


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Italy has a different approach to cryptocurrency regulation. The country offers a self-regulatory body called “Autorità Garante Della Concorrenza e Del Mercato” or the “competent authority”, which includes legal and technical experts, financial regulators, and the central bank.


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The Japanese government is finding to change the existing regulations through which they can implement more transparent and practical crypto rules. 


Before 2013, UK banks could provide limited transactions like Bitcoin. However after 2018, the FCA stated that it would change its position and allow crypto firms trading. 


Permission to use bitcoin and crypto in France is granted by the Banque de France and is a demand before any merchant can accept it as payment. 


It is done to launch a platform that helps bank trades financial derivatives with block chain.