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Warning For Vehicle Owners, Carry PCU OR Pay Penalty of Rupees 10000. 

The Delhi government, led by Arvind Kejriwal, issued a public notice. The Delhi transport department clearly stated that all the vehicle owners who have still not made pollution under control certificates would be fined or sent to jail. 

The public notice also stated that the transportation department would keep their driving licence on hold for three months. The main aim behind this initiative is to make positive efforts toward improving the air quality index of Delhi. 

The public notice also stated that all vehicle owners should undergo pollution under control verification from an authorised checking centre. The transport department should authorise the pollution checking centres. Any unauthorised service centre’s certificate will not be considered valid. 

The precautionary notice was issued before the winter when the pollution level was much higher because of burning firecrackers. Thus to maintain the air quality of the nation’s capital and reduce air pollution, it was declared that all vehicle owners need to carry a valid PUC certificate to avoid imprisonment or a monetary penalty. 

According to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules of 1989, all vehicle owners must carry a valid PUC certificate. one should renew their certificate after one year. The date from when you got registered to the exact date next year. 

The government also took other effective measures to reduce the rate of air pollution in Delhi. A few days back, before the PUC was made mandatory. The government also issued strict restrictions on the sale, storage or use of firecrackers during the festive season .due to the rise of pollution levels in the city, it was a necessary step. 

In the last three years, the pollution level in the country’s capital peaked during the festive season. This resulted in thick smog all around the country. It led to several road accidents and unwanted disasters on the city roads. Thus to avoid this type of situation, measures are taken beforehand. 

What does PUC Stand For? 

The term PUC stands for pollution under control. When you purchase a new vehicle, then it is your first duty to get a PCU certificate for your car. As per the rules, every automobile needs to undergo the PCUC test. Until you clear this verification process, you will not be able to use your vehicle on the roads.

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, every vehicle must comply with the rule and regulations set by the Transport Department of India. According to them, we must ensure that the quality of the air quality index does not go beyond the standard level. 

In simple words having a PUC certificate gives you the authority to use a tow or four-wheeler legally and with guaranteed no object from the side of the government. The certificate ensures that you have met all environmental safety standards, keeping vehicle emission levels within the parameters set by the government. 

What are the advantages of having a PUC? The benefits of having pollution under control certificates are as follows. 

● Being Aware of your Vehicle’s Current Condition: 

When you go for a PUC examination every six months, you can track your pollution levels. It also informs you about your vehicle needs. It helps to maintain a record of when you should take your vehicle to service. 

● Your Contribution Towards Environment: 

The rising level of carbon dioxide in the environment is an alarming issue for all of us. as responsible citizens of the country. It is our responsibility to ensure that the air quality is not degraded. Therefore it would be best if you made it a point that your vehicle’s emission is within the legal limits. 

● Easy Renew of Your Insurance policy: 

Suppose you are thinking of getting your car insurance renewed. In that case, having a valid PCU is mandatory for the policyholder to claim their car insurance. Therefore, you can continue your car insurance without the hassle if you have a current PUC certificate.

What are the eligibility criteria for getting a PUC certificate for a vehicle owner? 

● An authorised emission testing centre traditionally issues a PCU certificate. The examination process involves various steps and expert supervision by the experts. The best part about these institutions is that they are located in every corner of the country. 

● Once you appear for verification, the entire vehicle is taken through several processes. When the results come out, they are mentioned in the cars under the pollution certificate. Depending on the results, it is decided whether your vehicle is fit for use or not. 

● As per the latest norm issued by the Government of India under the National Clean Air Program, a two or three-wheeler manufactured on or after 31st March 2000. The ideal CO percentage should be 3.5, and the hydrocarbon level should be 6,0000ppm. 

● On the other hand, a two or three-wheeler with 4-stroke is manufactured after31st march 2000. The ideal CO percentage is preferably 3.5, and the hydrocarbon level should be 4,500ppm. If you complete the above criteria, then you can be considered eligible. 

● According to the government, a four-wheeler is manufactured before Pre Bharat Stage II, III or any other subsequent norm. Then that vehicle must have 0.5 per cent of CO and 750 ppm of hydrocarbon. 

● Suppose your automobile fulfils all of the criteria India’s transportation department set. In that case, you are eligible to apply for a PUC certificate. Typically a PUC certificate is issued in two ways. You can apply for the PUC certificate online or undergo the offline method. 

How long is a PCU certificate Valid? 

The validity of your pollution under control certificate varies depending upon the condition of your vehicle. The timeline will differ for a new car compared to an older one. An individual can undergo a PUC test at least once a year. 

The PUC certificate is only valid for one year for a car that has been recently purchased. But once that temporary period gets over, you will have to renew your certificate every six months. Doing so is going to make sure that you are following the rules issued by the government.

For a two-wheeler like a bike or a scooter in a new condition, the validity is the same as that of a newly purchased car. You get one year as per the law. Once you get over that period, you will have to renew it. You must take a pollution under control test every six months. 

Why is it mandatory in India to have a PUC certificate in India? 

The driver must undergo a driving test to get a driving licence. Similarly, a car or a motorbike owner must have pollution under control certificate. The PUC certificate is mandatory for any authorised vehicle. It does not differentiate on the fuel consumed or the number of wheels it has. 

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 clearly states that PUC is an important document every vehicle owner should have. The paper helps determine the amount of carbon emission that takes place by an individual vehicle. The rising carbon emission rate is the leading cause of rising air pollution. 

How to apply for a PCU certificate offline? 

Following these simple steps, you can apply for a PCU certificate offline. The steps are as follows. 

Step -1 

The first step includes taking your two-wheeler/three-wheeler to the nearest carbon emission testing centre. 

Step 2, 

The next step includes the testing centre’s detailed examination of the vehicle. The operator in the centre will analyse the amount of carbon emission. They will also test the exhaust pipe of your vehicle. 


Once the vehicle verification process is over, the operator will provide you with pollution under control certificate based on the readings obtained from your vehicle.

Step 4 

The last step of this process includes paying the fees to the authorised PUC centre and collecting the certificate from them. 

How to apply for a PCU Application Online? 

If you are occupied with a lot of work, going through the entire process online is impossible. Then you can opt for the online way of applying for the application. The steps for applying for a PUC application online are as follows. 


Click on the VAHAN portal of the Parivahan website. 


then click on the PUC certificate option. 

Step- 3 

In this step, you will have to put in your registration number, verification code and the last four-digit chassis number. 


Once you have completed the abovementioned steps, you must click on the PUC details option. 


Now, all you have to do is either print or download the pollution under control certificate from the website.


Having a PUC certificate is beneficial for everyone. The driver should also have pollution control certificates, like a driving licence or car insurance. As per the law, if caught on the roads with a PUC certificate, you are eligible to pay a fine of 10,000 rupees. Or you will be jailed for six months. 

Therefore you should get a PUC certificate as soon as you purchase a vehicle and follow the rules set by the government. This will ensure that you fulfil your duty as a responsible citizen. It will also save you from paying a heavy fine or, worst-case scenario, going to jail.

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