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The Future is here; IVR Facilities the Ultimate Solution for All the Post Offices’ Users. 

The elderly section of society still relies heavily on Posts offices for all their monetary transactions. And over the period, the post offices located all over India have witnessed the countries economic evolution. 

The Post Office plays a significant role in India’s economic structure. But the most challenging part about these institutions was that it is not accessible to most of the aged population. Since the number of account holders in post offices comprises a larger section of the senior people. it has almost become a priority for them to introduce a new technology that will update the system. 

Per the new circular the Department of Posts issued, they are ready to welcome IVR facilities in all the post offices located all over India. According to this new order, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR), customers can enjoy several services under the National Savings Scheme. 

A Post Office Savings Bank account holder can use the interactive voice response facility right from their comfort zone. All you have to do is to dial the India post-toll-free number, and there you go. Your job will be over within a few minutes. 

But it is mandatory for the customers to use a registered mobile number to participate in this program. As per the law, account holders who have a small savings scheme account in a post office can enjoy all the facilities of the IVR just by calling the helpline number. 

What do you mean by the Term IVR? 

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, and the Indian Post Office recently developed this new technology. According to them, it will enhance the customers’ convenience level. Now they can sob all their banking problems by calling from their phones. 

The Interactive Voice Response Technology is specially designed to interact with human beings as and when required. The IVR technology works on a pre-recorded interaction with humans over a call. The primary purpose of IVR is to collect a response from the caller over a voice call via numeric interpretation. 

Based on the caller’s numeric response, it creates a particular outcome. And the best part about this entire technology is that it is entirely done without human intervention. The answer is collected from numeric imputes from the dial pad.

The next course of action takes place as per the caller’s requirement. The voice on the other end of the call will act as per the program set on the computer. When you use your phone’s keypad to place an order in the IVR, it will automatically start working to give a specific outcome. 

What are the types of IVR that are Available in the Market? 

Now that you have established a basic idea about what IVR is, what it stands for, and how it functions. Now let’s look at the types of IVR we generally get to see. Traditionally, two kinds of IVRs are seen, most commonly Single-Level IVR and Multi-Level IVR. 

1. Single-Level IVR 

The single-level IVR is perhaps the simplest model of IVR. In this model, you can only add a single layer of IVR to your call setup. This model is best for a single impute setup. Simply put, a single impute is enough to connect with the person sitting on the other end. And thus, the desired course of action takes place without any obstacles. 

2. Multi-Level IVR 

Multi-level IVR is perhaps the best model of IVR for customer support. Sometimes, it cannot manage the IVR system in 0-9 format. Thus to simplify the entire process, this is when multi-level IVR comes in handy. The multi-level IVR facility is best for your call flow to streamline the workflow. 

What are the Advantages of Having an IVR Facility? Now let’s look at the list of advantages that comes with the IVR facility. 

1. Better Customer Service- one of the main reasons the Posts Department of India decided to introduce IVR facilities in post offices was to enhance customer service. The main work of an IVR system is to help customers move quickly to the most relevant person who will be able to solve their doubts. 

2. Smooth Connections- with the help of an IVR system, you can easily handle calls and transfer them to the correct destination. It also reduces the number of cross-connections between the calls. Hence less number of calls are transferred to the wrong department.

3. Clearly Represented Options- The IVR works as a life saviour in exceptional situations. It helps you clarify the options to the customers and help them look for a solution as quickly as possible. 

4. Reduced Expenses- this is yet another critical feature of an IVR system. It helps you to increase the efficiency level by handling the inbound calls with the help of an automated system. 

5. 24*7 availability- the IVR system can be operated at a given time of day. It would help if you did send a message. Once the customer leaves the message, the IVR will ensure that the work gets accomplished at a given cost. 

6. Quick and easy problem solving-the IVR detects the customer’s problem and then automatically asks the customer to send a numeric input so that it can direct the call. It quickly transfers the call to the appropriate department. 

7. Increase in Productivity- back in the day, customer support was highly complex. A lot of time and energy needed to be spent to get things correct. But with the invention of modern technologies like the IVR, the productivity level has increased. It has resulted in enhancing the problem-solving capabilities of the employees. 

8. Enhance Professionalism- with the help of an IVR system. You can pre-record your messages and greetings. This will make sure that you are well prepared for any situation. It also shows that you have a serious approach to your job. 

9. Time Saver- IVR reduces the time you spend manually directing the calls. Instead, it simplifies the process for you and helps you save time and energy simultaneously. 

10. Data-Driven Approach- the IVR helps you function most productively. When you are occupied with many inbound calls, the IVR can help you prioritise the calls and answer the most urgent ones. It ensures that all the customers get their problem solved. 

How to Use IVR Facility for Indian Post Banking Service? 

Let’s look at the following steps involved in availing of post banking services.

● First, you need to press 7 to avail of any services. 

● Then you need to press 2 in order to avail of post banking services. 

● To know about your savings account’s transactions, you need to enter the account number followed by a hashtag.

How to Use IVR Facility for Post Office Savings Account Holder? 

Let’s look at the following steps involved in availing a customer support savings account.

● The IVR automatically provides several options when you dial the toll-free number. Once your add the numeric impute, it connects you to the savings account helpline.

● If you want the response in Hindi, you must press 1. This will ensure that the conversation takes place in Hindi. 

● Dialling the number 5 will help you access your account balance if your press has tagged along with your account number followed by the digit 5. It will provide you with the remaining balance of the entire scheme. 

● If you want to block an ATM card, all you need to do is to press 6. you will then have to put your card number followed by the account number. You will also have to add the digit three after your ID number. 

How Can You Use IVF Facility to keep track of Your Recent Transitions? 

Now let’s look at how you can track your last four transactions with the help of IVR in a Post Office. 

● If you want to know about your latest transaction, then press 2. 

● By pressing 3 on the keypad, you will be able to know about the rate of interest. ● And by pressing 4, you can find the amount of tax that will be deducted. ● Press 5 to stop the account check-in. 

How Can We Spread Awareness among People about this New Project? 

Spreading awareness among ordinary people is always a big task. Still, if the government undertakes correct and effective measures, it can make a huge difference in society. 

Launching IVR facilities in all the post offices in India was a massive step toward a brighter future. Perhaps the measure was a much-needed one indeed. It will help older people keep track of their pension and savings accounts.

With age come various physical and mental challenges that create an obstacle for them to move as and when required. Hence, using mass media to connect with the elderly can be a great option to reach out to them. 

The traditional form of media like radio and newspaper is also a great option. The majority of the audience group of these media platforms compromises orderly people. They will not only be able to connect with the information more accurately. But also, they will tend to believe the information passed on to them via these platforms. 

Setting up a help desk and orientation programs at the post office can also enlighten people. This will make them aware of the new modifications coming in. When informed by an authoritative body, it is more likely that they will tend to believe in it. 


The IVR facility is perhaps one of the most significant upgrades made on behalf of Government officials. The IVR aims to provide customers with a satisfying experience whenever they are in doubt. It will help the post office officials save their time and energy at the same time. People will also track their account status right from their comfort zone. 

Therefore it is a practical initiative that has been undertaken. It will help you access all the vital information from your mobile phone. All you will have to do is to dial a toll-free number and respond accordingly. The IVR facility will ensure that each customer gets their queries solved.

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