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The 2022 Digital Health ID Card: Transforming Healthcare Identities.

The government of India has started digitizing medical data with the Digital Health ID Card 2022. Health ID Portal at provides this service. You may consolidate all your medical information into a single digital card, called a Digital Health Card, with the help of this Modi Health Card.

This article covers the benefits of getting a digital health card in 2022, applying for one online in 2022, and where to get a digital health card in India (at Approval for a Health ID Card will result in issuing a 14-digit personal identification number, which means you may get free medical treatment at a local hospital.

2020 Digital Health ID Card for Healthcare

Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission was introduced by the government in September of last year, per a speech by Narendra Modi. He said the health care system is another area where he believes ABDM can make a difference. Individuals residing in India will be issued a digital health card as part of this initiative.

You may use this card to look up a patient’s medical history online. All those who want to use the ABDM card’s perks must first apply for one. You can erase past medical information from your health record if you wish. Applying for a Digital Health Card in 2022 is simple since all you need is your Aadhar Number or a mobile number linked to your Aadhar Number.

Name of the AuthorityMinistry of Health and Family Welfare
MissionNational Digital Health Mission (NDHM)
Scheme NameAyushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM)
Health ID Card Launch Date27 September 2021 (Launched)
Required DocumentsAadhaar Card or Mobile Number
Total Health ID generated till now14,80,000 Card
Fees & ChargesFree of Cost
Health ID Card UsesUsed for all tests, diseases, doctors visits, and lab reports
Fee ChargeFree of Cost
Health ID Apply Online

Health Card Registration for Ayushman Bharat’s Digital Mission Health

These medical files will be safely kept with healthcare information providers. The NHA said its procedures will always adhere to a set of rules regarding data storage. Without the explicit consent of the beneficiary, ABDM will not store any health information and will instead transmit it over the ABDM network utilizing encryption technologies.

The ABDM system currently only allows the production of health IDs via a mobile phone number or an Aadhaar card. Health IDs may now only be created using a PAN card or a driving license, but the ministry’s website indicates that this will soon change.

Under the PM Digital Health Mission Scheme, about 1 lakh unique IDs have been created. The primary goal of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission is to generate EMRs (electronic medical records) for every Indian. In the same way that “The Unified Payments Interface” modernizes payments in India, NDHM aims to foster interoperability across the country’s digital health ecosystem.

The Value of a Digital Health ID Card in 2022

Multiple people will need to carry paper copies of all relevant medical records. But missing paperwork is a significant cause of stress for many individuals. Additionally, with the assistance of the Digital health id card, the applicant may digitally keep the information anytime, from anywhere.

Shri Narendra Modi issues a digital health ID card to every citizen. The medical history, insurance coverage, and other relevant details of the cardholder’s life will all be included on this health card.

A digital health id card application’s primary benefit is that it will have comprehensive data about hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals.

You may learn more about the health ID card’s unique features by downloading and activating the accompanying app.

Your medical history will include a comprehensive account of your diagnosis, care, and discharge. If you go to a reputable hospital, your doctor may point you in the direction of this online platform so you may access your medical history quickly and easily.

Provided the doctor has your cardholder id, they may access your medical records from any computer at any time.

Registration for a Medical ID at Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Start by checking out, the National Digital Health Mission’s official domain.
  • Choose the Digital Health Card option when you go to Create Health ID.
  • One-time Password (OTP) verification follows Aadhaar number input.
  • When entering a cellphone number, an OTP must be used for verification.
  • You will now be prompted to fill up your profile information, including your picture, birthday, and location.
  • The data entry form will now appear on the screen.

After completing the form, a digital health ID card will be generated and delivered to you.

  • May I ask whether the Health ID can be deleted?

The user may permanently delete their ABDM card or temporarily disable it.

  • Can I use my cell phone number to apply for a medical ID?

A working phone number is necessary for Health ID applications. You may apply for an ABDM Health Card if you meet the requirements.

  • Do we need specific paperwork to make digital health ID cards?

The health ID can’t be created without an aadhaar and a working phone number.

Final Words

You need to know these things about India’s digital health id card. Hopefully, all the information you gained from the above will help you get your own digital health id card.

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