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Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana 

The Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana was initiated in 2003 by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The main goal of the PMSSY scheme is to correct the regional imbalance in getting reliable and affordable healthcare facilities at the tertiary level. 

After the implementation of the PMSSY, the government passed the AIIMS Act. According to this act, all the AIIMS institutions are institutions of national importance, and these institutions will work as autonomous bodies under the Health Ministry. 

Under this initiative, the government aims to irradiate all kinds of irregularities in the healthcare sector. With the help of this project, the scheme has expanded to over 20 new AIIMS and 71 GMCISs. The advancement in healthcare facilities is expected to get a positive return from this scheme. 

What is The Purpose Of Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana? 

The primary purpose of the Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana is to develop the medical capacity of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare systems in the most remote villages in India. Doing so will ensure that everyone in the country gets proper medical attention. 

Another benefit of the PMSSY scheme is that it aims to rectify the regional imbalances in the health care sector at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Thus with the development in the medical facilities, the people from the rural areas will have access to quality healthcare. 

Another sole purpose of this scheme is to provide quality medical education facilities to the students. It also promises to set up new institutions that would have a specialised branch of post-graduation level education facility. 

The PMSSY also emphasises upgrading existing medical colleges and health care institutions. It promises to bring in additional 8-10 speciality departments. These departments will specialise in various medical facilities. 

The additional speciality departments will comprise 150-200 beds. It also declares to come up with 15 more seats for the post-graduate. Thus the government has planned everything very well for the proper execution of this scheme.

What are the Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana? 

The list of benefits related to the Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana is as follows. 

1. The government aims to develop a pattern of teaching in both UG and PG medical education institutions that will help establish a higher level of education in the country. With the help of this initiative, the medical education scenario will improve. 

2. This project also emphasises on bring together educational facilities and the highest order of health facilities under one roof. It also promises the best-in-class personal training experience in all critical medical branches. 

3. With the help of Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana, a higher efficiency level is expected to be achieved in the PG medical education sector. Students who will be getting into this stream will get the advantage of working for the country while learning. Thus the medical industry is going to achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency. 

The Salient Features of Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana. 

Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana’s features are divided into two parts mainly. The first is the primary features, which mainly focus on the steps to be taken on an urgent basis. The second part mainly comprises the long-term goals the scheme aspires to fulfil. 

1. According to this scheme, the government looks forward to establishing six AIMS-like medical institutions to provide quality medical services to the entire citizen from all over the world. 

2. The Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana also looks forward to modernising thirteen pre-existing medical colleges. With the improvement in these pre-existing medical colleges, it is expected that a massive impact will be made in medical science. 

3. In the secondary phases, the government of India looks forward to setting up two more medical institutes in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. The two new institutions are expected to be as good as the AIMS. 

4. The scheme envisions upgrading six more medical colleges with modern infrastructures in the upcoming days, the Pradhan. Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana envisions adding new medical facilities to these six existing medical institutions.

5. The PMSSY looks forward to upgrading the medical colleges in Jhansi, Rewa, Gorakhpur, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur and Kozhikode. According to the plan, this scheme will develop similar medical institutions in these places and provide every citizen with quality healthcare. 

How can we Spread Awareness Regarding Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana? 

There are several ways by which we can spread awareness among people regarding the Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana. Hence, look at the most reliable and effective ways of making people aware of the PMSSY scheme. 

1. Since this particular scheme focuses on developing healthcare facilities in rural areas, it is essential to understand how to connect with these people. Because you need an effective medium of communication to communicate with the masses, hence taking the help of mass media can be a great option. 

2. Talking about mass media, traditional media like television, newspaper, and radio are great options for connecting with the grassroots level of the audience. With the help of these mediums, you can easily connect with people without any inconvenience. 

3. Reaching out to the people who belong to remote areas can be a big challenge for the government. Taking the help of NGOs and small non-profitable organisations can be a good idea. Hence the government could conduct door-to-door campaigns to spread awareness regarding this scheme. 

4. Social media is used these days. People from every corner of the country are using various social media platforms. With the advancement in technology, people have developed easy access to the internet. Thus spreading awareness regarding this scheme via social media platforms can be a great option. 

5. The government can organise health camps and programs to encourage people to enrol in this project. The best way of doing this is to get in touch with the medical institution of that particular region and jointly organise a program to make people aware of the scheme’s benefits.


With the help of the Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana, the government is trying to encourage more people to avail better medical facilities. It also aims to resolve the medical imbalances in the country’s rural areas. 

In general, the Pradhan Mantri Swathya Suraksha Yojana promises to provide quality medical facilities to the rural areas of India. It also aspires to establish quality medical education in the states without proper infrastructure. This scheme will help improve the country’s medical standard and motivate people to live better lives.

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