How To Get Online Booster Dose Certificate Generation using Mobile Number and Aadhaar Card

For the combat against Covid-19, vaccination has become standard procedure. Therefore, the government mandated a second vaccination dose for those who had already received the first series (completed Dose 1 & 2). From then on, folks have been having their booster shots as scheduled.

You should download the Booster dose certificate as seriously as a booster shot. The corresponding certificate provides proof of the effective administration of the booster dosage. To restate, this is the beneficiary’s proof paper. By reading the article, find out where to get your hands on a copy of that Booster Dose Certificate.

Downloadable Certification for a Booster Dose

The Booster Dose, also known as the Precaution Dose, is an extra dose of vaccine given to vaccinate a person against Covid-19. This is given to people to keep their natural defences up for longer. The Booster dosage was first implemented for the nation’s older population. In April, vaccinating adults aged 18 and above became routine.

The preventative dosage is also widely available at public and private immunisation clinics. Commonly, a certificate of completion is given when a course of vaccinations has been finished. Proof of having received the required COVID immunisation may be provided with this downloadable PDF certificate.

Why Do You Need A Covid Vaccine Certificate?

Vaccination is mandatory since the covid poses a risk to every country worldwide. The covid booster dose certificate verifies the completion of the immunisation course. Many services may eventually need this certification.

You might be asked to deliver proof of immunisation to participate in public events. A valid immunisation certificate is also required for foreign travel. In this case, you’ll also need proof that you’ve been vaccinated against COVID.

How to Get a Copy of Your Certificate for a Booster Dose of Covid-19

Your covid booster dose certificate may be accessed in a variety of ways. Simply by registering one’s cellphone number and Aadhaar card, a person may have access to the preventive dosage certificate and download it to their device. In addition, the certificate is also available by short message service (SMS). This is why we’ve detailed every step of every treatment we used. Therefore, please review the information provided below.

Covid Booster Dose Certificate: Where Can I Find It Online?

The preceding section detailed the procedures for acquiring a Booster Dose Certificate. You’re free to choose whatever approach best suits your needs. Prepare yourself by going through these steps:

  • Mobile Number-Based Vaccination Certificate Download via Cowin
  • Go to, which is Cowin’s official website.
  • Go to “Vaccination Services”. Second, go toward the site’s footer to find what you’re seeking. Then “Download Certificate.”
  • Third, a side window will appear. Providing your mobile phone number is now mandatory.
  • Now, choose the “Get OTP” option.
  • An OTP will be sent to your verified cellphone number in a moment. Enter that number. Then “Verify and Proceed.”
  • Your certificate will be available for download immediately afterwards.

Digilocker Aadhaar Number Vaccination Certificate Download

  • To begin, please visit, the Digilocker website.
  • Then put ‘Covid’ into the search field labelled ‘Seach Documents.’
  • Meanwhile, a “Covid Vaccine Certificate” should appear in the search results. So, please, do so.
  • Once you have your Addhaar Number and 6-digit security code, you may finally log in.
  • After that, locate the appropriate menu item from which to get the booster certificate.
  • Your certificate is now available for download.

Certificate of Receipt for a Booster Covid Vaccination Sent Via Text Message

Citizens may now get their covid booster dose certificates using WhatsApp messaging service. People who are unfamiliar with online surfing may easily choose this option. Therefore, it’s a significant step in the right direction. Please follow these instructions to get your booster certificate over WhatsApp:

  • First, please add ’91 9013151515′ to your contact list.
  • Then, launch WhatsApp and start composing a message to send to that contact’s stored number.
  • Enter “Covid Certificate” and hit “Send” now.
  • Afterwards, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to you.
  • The last step is to input the OTP and then download the certificate.


  • Do You Need To Save The Covid Vaccination Certification?

The beneficiary might use it as evidence of the transaction. In addition, the certificate provides vital information on the schedule for receiving the vaccinations. Additionally, it serves as a pass to access various facilities.

  • Where Can I Get My Booster Licence To Print Out?

The covid-19 immunisation certificate is now available from all online vaccine registration systems. You may use the information in this article for this purpose, and we’ve included comprehensive instructions on how to get the certificate.

  • Where Can I Receive A Dosage Increase?

All qualifying people may visit a public or private vaccination centre in their area. Further, online registration is available via web portals for the covid-19 vaccine.

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