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Here’s How To Get Your Universal Passport By Mail Or Online

Citizens who want to move freely, without worrying about COVID limits or random lockdowns, may do so without any trouble today. Authorities in Maharashtra are the ones who will grant them their UTP. The Maharashtra state government has created the UTP, or Universal Travel Pass, for this purpose. The authorities have also developed a site to streamline the issuance processes of the passes. 

Access the UTP online portal for the application, log in, and register for a Universal Travel Pass. Applicants must create a profile on the site and submit a pass request to get one. See below for more information, or visit sites like for more specifics.

Downloadable Universal Travel Pass

As of yet, the epidemic has not been contained. Citizens of Maharashtra who need to travel often or sometimes for emergencies may now receive their Universal Travel Passes. This is especially essential in light of the increasing number of cases and the risk of a sudden shutdown. Maharashtra’s Department of Disaster Management, Relief, and Rehabilitation issued the UTPs. 

Online registration is conducted using specialized websites. Businesses may sign up their staff members, and individuals can also apply. The need for the application is considered while deciding whether to issue the pass.

The passes will include the registered candidate’s information and a QR Code that can be scanned at any bus or train station to verify the pass’s validity. The pass’s only intent is to provide ease of movement for the most vulnerable residents at times when movement is restricted on purpose.

Procedural Guide for the UTP Registration Form of Existing Establishments

The Universal Establishment Registration Portal allows businesses to sign up for the service. When they sign up, the registration process will begin. The method of issuing the passes is very controlled. Keep a steady flow going in the right direction while giving the pass. The following events occur:

  • Before You can generate a pass, a business must register on the site first. The organization’s leadership is responsible for performing the first registration. After that step is completed, the request will be moved forward.
  • When an application is submitted for a universal travel pass, the Disaster Management Authority or the DM Office must review and approve it before processing continues. For their part, the authorities must examine the application thoroughly by verifying all the information provided. Once the request has been thoroughly reviewed and deemed acceptable, they will provide permission.
  • The accepted request will be seen by the relevant coordinators, who will then be required to input details on the workers who are to be enrolled. Uploads must be made using an Excel document of the CSV or comma-separated values.
  • Member Approval Once the information is posted, the DM authorities will be asked to approve it again. Staff members will be notified of the successful acceptance of requests or registrations as they are processed.
  • Once all applications have been accepted, the establishment personnel must provide a photo of themselves to generate a Universal Travel Pass. After authorities receive the necessary information from the business and its employees, they will issue the Universal Passport. Images posted now cannot be removed or re-uploaded; the procedure is final.

Here are the procedures you need to do to apply for your UTP on the Maharashtra UTP portal:

  • Click the link to access the Maharashtra Universal Travel Pass website.
  • To do this, visit the homepage and choose Register Your Business from the menu. The homepage will time out in one minute, and we must thus respond promptly.
  • The Business Registration Form will load in a new tab.
  • Please fill out this form as completely as possible and examine your answers thoroughly.
  • Put your agreement with the Terms and Conditions into writing.
  • Select Register as a last step.
  • Please choose Universal Pass for Double Vaccinated Citizens while registering as an individual citizen on the site.
  • Those individuals who received two doses of vaccination need to submit one application to be exempted. A window displaying the Universal Pass for Double Vaccinated Citizens will be available for viewing for the next 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Type in the Mobile Number used to sign up for COWIN.
  • At last, choose the resident and put in a pass request.
  • Mandatory Information for the Maharashtra UTP Online Application

Any prospective businesses registering online will be asked for the following information:

  • Registration Establishment Number
  • Organization Name Location Zip/Postal Code/District Type of Organization
  • Type of the Establishment
  • Hospital type
  • Number of Beds
  • Number of ICUs \sNumber of Ventilators
  • Number of workers who require passes
  • Details of coordinators-
  • Name \sMobile No. \sEmail Id \sDesignation \sMobile number coupled with the One Time Password or OTP

How To Login on

  • To Login onto the site of the COVID Guideline of the Maharashtra Government, undertake the succeeding steps:
  • Open the official site at
  • Click on Login.
  • Enter the Username and the Password.
  • Nextly, verify the Code shown on the screen and type it in the box.
  • Tap on Sign In.

Maharashtra Universal Travel Pass Download

To download the Universal Travel Pass, observe the specified method:

  • Visit the Maharashtra Universal Travel Pass site.
  • Tap on Download Universal Travel Pass.
  • Use the registered cellphone number and the One Time Password to log in.
  • Finally, submit the image in the specified size and format.
  • The Universal Travel Pass will show on the screen.
  • Tap on Print Pass, and the physical copy of the pass will be acquired.

Final Words

You should know these things about the Universal Travel Pass and how to get your own Universal Travel Pass today. Follow the steps mentioned above, and using the knowledge provided, you too can get a Universal Travel Pass.

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