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Get To Know Everything About Shillong Teer Result, Numbers, And More

Check out the Shillong TEER Result Today we’ve provided to determine whether you won. Many people participate in a lottery operated by the government of Meghalaya, where they gamble on the outcome of a single number. To claim your Prize, all Shillong TEER and Juwai TEER participants must first verify their winning numbers here.

This lottery is exclusively available to legal residents of Meghalaya at registered counters, and its participants regularly win every day. You may collect your reward at the closest counter if your entry number matches the Meghalaya TEER Result Number. The Shillong TEER Result List and the Shillong TEER Hit Number are available here. Today’s TEER results will be announced at 4:30 p.m. for the first round and 5:30 p.m. for the second.

If you’ve found this page because you were searching for the Shillong TEER Result for August 2022, then you should know that results are posted every day at 4 p.m. (for Round 1) and 5 p.m. (for Round 2) local time. In this thread, you’ll be able to check whether your winning number was drawn during either round and then collect your reward.

You may check your Round 1 and 2 Results online at and collect your Prize from local sellers. Since the Results are made public in a standardised fashion, you may collect your reward from any retailer or the place where you purchased your ticket.

Today Is The Day For The Shillong TEER Result

Lottery NameShillong TEER 
Supervised byMeghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax Act
FrequencyDaily two times
Meghalaya Teer Result Date 202210/08/2022
Shillong TEER Result Time4 PM and 5 PM
Winning PrizeRs 80/- for every One Rupee
Type of GameArchery
Shillong Teer Result ListAvailable Below
Hit NumberAvailable Below
Type of PostLottery Result
Shillong TEER Result

August 2022 Shillong TEER Result List

Second, the pot of money up for grabs in this game is enormous, and the victors reap considerable rewards. The information provided above pertains to today’s Shillong TEER results, and we have compiled a list of the Shillong TEER results for your convenience. If you want up-to-the-minute game stats, go to the Meghalaya TEER Counter.

The Meghalayan government organised an archery tournament with 12 competing teams. Those who want to participate must purchase the tickets at any of the Ticket Counters and refer to the results above. For your convenience, the Shillong TEER Result List has been attached to this post.

Meghalaya Teacher Evaluation and Evaluation Result Today

If you’re curious about the Meghalaya TEER Result Today, August 10th, 2022, you may look at the table below to see whether your numbers came up. If your number matches the final tally, you’ll win the reward! Only legal residents of Meghalaya are permitted to purchase a ticket at the Meghalaya TEER Counter and participate in this lottery or game.

You may buy this ticket from various sellers, and if you do, you might be eligible to win a substantial sum from the government. There are two rounds in which you must guess how many arrows will hit their targets. Both rounds’ outcomes will be announced at 5 p.m.

Last Shillong Teer Hits Number

DateShillong Teer Hit Number Today

Those who live in Meghalaya and are interested in purchasing the TEER Lottery Result 2022 have been waiting for the Hit Number, and now that number is available. The first round might include 30-60 participants, while the second could have 5-15. So, please choose one of them and hope for the best to get your desired outcomes.

All of the participants, representing different teams, work together to aim and fire arrows at a target board. The result is determined by the board’s total number of good hands. Therefore, this is a talent contest in which participants stake money in the outcome.

Final Words

You need to know these things about the Shillong Teer result, and everything related. Hopefully, this gave you all the knowledge necessary to check the Shillong Teer result quickly.

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