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Application for an EWS Certificate in 2022: Procedures for Doing So

Citizens from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in India may qualify for government-issued benefits like scholarships and job training programs. Still, they must first get a certificate from an EWS. 

A 10% quota is set aside for EWS certificate holders when they seek government employment or attend government schools. Keep reading to learn more about the EWS Certificate Application 2022.

Request for 2022 EWS Certificate

In 1950, when he was drafting the Indian Constitution, Dr B.R. Ambedkar introduced the concept of reservation criteria to empower the marginalised members of society—those from the Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs), Backward Classes (BCs), Economically Weak Classes (EWS), and other groups—to advocate for their rights and showcase their talents. 

To qualify for the EWS certificate benefits, Indian citizens must first meet the government’s requirements. Continue below for details on how to apply for an EWS Certificate in 2022.

The 2022 EWS Certificate Application Process in Brief

GovernmentGovernment of India
Reservation CategoryEconomically Weaker Sections (EWS)
Certificate NameEWS Certificate
Article CategoryApplication
AudienceEWS residents
Application ModeOnline/Offline
Certificate ValidityOne year

An explanation of what an EWS Certificate is

Following the passage of the EWS Certificate law by the Indian President on January 12th, 2019, citizens of India who fall under the EWS category will be granted a ten per cent reservation when applying for government jobs or enrollment in government institutions. As soon as the President signed the bill into law, Gujarat was the first state to adopt and begin putting its provisions into effect for the benefit of its citizens.

What You Can Do With an EWS Certificate

No one except applicants who can prove they have a legal source of income and assets will be able to use the benefits of the EWS Certificate. We’ve compiled a list of the most important gifts the EWS Certificate will provide recipients.

  • Candidates have the right to inquire about their participation in various government programs.
  • The poor will get financial aid from the reserve as well.
  • All UGC-affiliated central institutions must honour the EWS reservation and provide admission to students who fall within that category.
  • The applicant may also be eligible for financial assistance from federal and state welfare programmes.

The Requirements to Obtain an EWS Certificate, Along with the Cost to Do So

Criteria for Eligibility

Citizens must check the government’s eligibility level before using the benefits associated with the EWS certificate. EWS certificate applications will be denied to individuals who do not meet the requirements outlined in the table below.

Expenses Related to Making an Application

As part of the EWS certification process, applicants must pay a nominal charge for the EWS certificate. Since the State Revenue agency would determine the application cost, the fee amount will vary throughout the various Indian states. The applicant may send the fee online or in the mail (Net Banking, Card, BHIM UPI, Cash, Cheque, Demand Draft). We will update this response whenever we get more information on the application cost, which is not yet available.


You must have noticed the word “Family” in the qualifying above requirements, and this family will only consist of the following people:

  • Candidate.
  • Parent and Spouse of the Applicant
  • Children and siblings who are less than 18 years old.

EWS Certificate Issuance Organization

Each state agency will be responsible for issuing and vetting EWS/Income and Asset Certificate applications. Despite local variations in administration, all Indian states must adhere to the same standardized application format. The following institutions must verify the certificate’s authenticity:

Authority Name
Additional District Magistrate or, District Magistrate/Collector/Deputy Commissioner/Additional Deputy Commissioner/Taluka Magistrate/Extra Assistant Commissioner/Sub-Divisional Magistrate/ 1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate/Executive Magistrate
Chief Presidency Magistrate, Presidency Magistrate, and Chief Presidency Magistrate Adjunct
A District Revenue Officer may also issue the EWS Certificate.
Any official whose position is lower than that of Sub-Divisional Officer or Tehsildar is ineligible to issue an EWS certificate.

Necessary Paperwork Needed to Apply for an EWS Certificate

Candidates are required to send the following items together with their application forms:

  • The Aadhaar number or card.
  • The PAN Card.
  • Declaration of Truth/Affidavit.
  • Deeds and other property records.
  • Proof of residency or citizenship.
  • Passport-sized picture scanned.
  • Papers other than those mentioned above.

Steps to Obtaining Your 2022 EWS Certification

The state government may choose whether to accept EWS applications online or on paper. The State Revenue Department has online application forms that visitors must fill out following the department’s posted guidelines. In the next section, you’ll find a detailed explanation of how to apply for an EWS certificate.

Online Approach

  • To apply online, please go to the state’s official website.
  • Once you’ve logged in and reached the portal’s main page, search for “Income Certificate” and click on the result to be sent to a new page.
  • Follow the registration page instructions carefully, and click the “Submit” button when you’re through.
  • Provisional application/registration numbers are sent to phone numbers.
  • After entering the username and password, the app will load.
  • Please provide the requested information in the spaces provided on the application form.
  • Now you may upload the scanned papers in the government-mandated format.
  • The candidate is on the onus of providing official, government-issued documentation with the appropriate Indian seals.
  • You may pay the application cost using various methods like Internet Banking, Credit Card/Debit Card, BHIM UPI, and more once you have filled out the form and uploaded the required papers.

The EWS application will be rejected if the applicant does not pay the application fee.

Complete the online process by saving a copy of the application and the electronic fee receipt to your device or printing them off.

Offline Approach

The official government application form in India follows a standard structure used everywhere. To be considered, the applicant must have the intelligence to accurately record their information in the application.

Authorities will instruct applicants on the proper way to complete the EWS Certificate application form if it is discovered that the information provided does not fit the qualifying requirements. It is acceptable for applicants to submit just one application at a time.

Resetting a lost password

If you’ve forgotten the password to your profile, don’t freak out; follow these simple instructions.

  • You may use the “Forgot Password” feature from the portal’s main page.
  • Click it, then fill in the registration number and the captcha code that appears.
  • After completing the form, click the “Get OTP” button on your mobile device.
  • Please enter your new password; it should be something you can easily remember.
  • The last step is to write down the password somewhere.

How to Verify an Application’s Status

  • Get online and visit your state’s official website.
  • To enter the portal, go to the main page and click “Login.”
  • Please do not click on your application for a few minutes after submitting it.

The Trustworthiness of EWS Certificates

This section provides vital information about the EWS Certificate’s validity.

  • Applicants are responsible for renewing and updating their certificates within the specified time frame if they want to continue receiving the lifetime benefits of the certification.
  • The EWS/Income & Assets certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • Some states, however, require that certifications be renewed every six months.
  • It will save time and money for residents of select states to renew their EWS certificates online, thanks to initiatives being taken by those governments.
  • To renew their EWS credentials offline, applicants must return to the same Common Service Center (CSC) where they first applied.

Specifications for Reservation

The following are the current percentages of reserving for various categories in the Nation:



  • Where may one apply for an EWS/Income & Asset Certificate if they so desire?

Here you’ll find links to the official websites of each state, where you may also get an EWS/Income & Asset Certificate or find your local Common Services Centre.

  • Why should one consider applying for an EWS Certificate?

Those who formally apply for an EWS Certificate are eligible for a 10% government employment reservation and additional admissions preferences when applying to schools and universities.

  • What is the most critical need to meet when seeking an EW certificate?

All applicants must be Indian nationals with yearly household incomes of less than eight lakhs.

  • When will my EWS certificate be ready to use?

It’s crucial to note that each state has its own EWS certificate issuance processing time. The average time needed to issue an EWS certificate is 21 days.

  • Can you explain the difference between an OBC and an EWS certificate?

Candidates from “Other Backward Classes,” abbreviated “OBC,” are eligible for 27% of reservations, while those from “Extremely Backward Classes,” shortened “EWS,” are eligible for 10% of reserves.

Final Words

You need to know these things about the EWS certificate, including the EWS certificate application. Use the above knowledge and get your EWS Certificate status checked. 

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